Daniel Vosovic

Something seems familiar with this challenge.

on Sep 25, 2008

Korto's design was also my top choice for the win. She made a look that was definitely punk, but also it looked expensive and well-made. I have to admit that I gasped in horror when she began to bleach the jeans, thinking that she was going to end up somewhere in Saved by the Bell territory, but my hat is off to her now after seeing the gorgeous effect she ended up with. This entire look has such energy and life to it, the shirt has those bias strips and asymmetrical chains creating a lot of visual movement on the top, while the bleach spots on the jeans give the bottom half a very haphazard feel ... all in all, a job well done. As Nina said (and which will go down in history as one of my favorite quotes of all time) "I have nothing else to say about this"... but in this circumstance I mean that in a good way!