Daniel Vosovic

Sunglasses, sneakers, swimwear, and summer!

on May 29, 2008

Summer is just around the corner, assuming the weather actually cooperates, and that means time for a new summer look! Every year I like, well, designate a "character" to help me figure out what my summer seasonal theme will be. In the past, it's been: Lumberjack, Affluent English, White and Grey (yeah I know it's not a character), and last summer, schoolboy prep. I'm sure all of this sounds utterly ridiculous to you, but it helps to keep me from throwing on the same ole jeans and t-shirt everyday -- I really hate monotony -- and having a theme to follow helps to keep me focused.

So in the fashion editorial world, "nerd glasses" have been popular for over a year now, but apparently they were just dubbed the new hot accessory for summer. You may have seen them on the runway, or in Brooklyn like years ago, but if you need a refresher, look for someone looking like this: