Daniel Vosovic

Unusual and unexpected was the key to winning!

on Jul 17, 2008

One word: DIVA. Not Korto, but this look. It reminds me of something Michael Knight would have sent down the runway, though less sexy of course. The garment was full of potent color, the styling was just right, and she designed a completely pulled together look. Fabulous my dear, fabulous. Attention people, I think I have an early favorite and her name is Korto... live it, love it! Daniel
Daniel was the other designer who I knew previously (ahhh, the hours spent toiling away in the workroom...memories...) Anyway, I digress. Coming from someone who knows his style, I must tell you that the design is stereotypical Daniel. It's sexy, it's tight and it's full of seaming and details. His style is reminiscent of the Tom Ford Gucci era, so keep an eye out for explicit cuts and loads of detailing. Bravo Daniel, for taking such a risk with the material. How the heck you were able to give the model a waist with plastic cups is beyond me!

Oh, Blayne. We have to wait and see if Blayne is one of those designers who talks a lot of talk and knows what he's actually saying, or if he just talks a lot. Overall, I don't mind the shape of the garment itself, with the booty shorts and the fullness on top. But I'm sorry, I just don't get the rest of it. I think my biggest issue is with the white panel, which looks randomly stuck to the garment. Why not carry the material through to make the design more cohesive?

Okay, I'm going to admit it - I didn't think Jerry's garment was that bad. I think the styling is the thing that killed it for him. I applaud him for making two garments in a short amount of time, and for coming up with a "theme" of sorts, which is more than some of the other designers accomplished. I can totally see where he was going and I appreciated the look's quirky vibe. Most everyone else gave us cocktail dresses that fit into the "sweet/cute/flirty" category - Jerry's garment was drastically different and I applaud him for taking a risk. On a side note, I am a HUGE fan of FORM (his line) and if you haven't heard of it, get yourself to the new store down in SOHO. You'll find architectural dresses paired with intense draping, gorgeous clothing. Jerry, I'm sorry that the judges didn't understand your concept. Perhaps if the dress underneath was a bit more fun, the gloves were lost, and the cape was brought in, the whimsy of the design wouldn't have been overpowered by the "creepy" aspect that the judges felt. Congratulations on making it this far and best of luck to you!