Guest Judge

Apolo Ohno- Olympic speed skater turned mini fashion guru!

Aug 6, 2008 Are you a Project Runway fan? If so, what was your favorite episode or moment?
I am a fan of Project Runway. Anything that allows an amateur to shine and reach another level is fantastic. I'm being biased but I can't help but like my episode. How does fashion play a role in your life? How would you describe your on-ice/off-ice style?
Fashion plays an interesting role in my life. People have a perception of certain athletes that they see on television or even when I was on Dancing with the Stars. Being fashionable off the ice is the time when I am able to show my personality and sense of style. Training times are almost like taking a break because I can wear whatever is put together in the midst of a workout. It's off the ice when we can make these transformations into a good look. What was the key to winning this challenge? What are the most important characteristics of a successful opening ceremony ensemble?
Keys to winning any challenge are preparation, insight, research, attention to detail, and being unique in a way that aligns with the challenge. The most important characteristic of a successful opening ceremony ensemble would have to be the bold statement of USA. We are a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities but we stand under one flag that is true to us -- displaying that feeling and emotion in a wardrobe is very difficult without being "too patriotic" ...