Guest Judge

Sandra Bernhard opens up about her style, NY and this week's challenge!

Jul 29, 2008 Are you a Project Runway fan? If so, who has been your favorite designer?
Sandra Bernhard: Of course! When I'm on the road, I make sure Project Runway is on the TiVo. Honestly, I think Terri from this season is my favorite. Her designs are gorgeous and rocking. Something I could very much see myself wearing and hope to be very soon!

What in New York most inspires you and your work?
What used to inspire me is almost completely gone. The Bright Food Shop on 8th Avenue where I used to go for lunch. 18th & 8th. All those funky restaurants that can't afford to be around anymore. All the funky little boutiques on Bleecker that have been thrown out by all the high-end designers. N.Y. has really become Disneyland. The really interesting edgy people have had to move out to Brooklyn, or even further out to Ohio and Michigan!

What was the key to this challenge?
Any time you have to go out and be inspired by what's on the N.Y. streets, you have to be able to see past the garbage, the rain and the bad air and pull something of beauty out of the city.