Guest Judge

Tips from a true queen, RuPaul!

Aug 20, 20080 Are you a Project Runway fan? Who was your favorite designer?
I became obsessed with Santino Rice. What were the keys to being successful in the drag queen challenge?
Understanding proportion and knowing how to de-emphasize masculine aspects of the queen's body and playing up the feminine aspects of the queen's body. Can you give us a little behind-the-scenes into what it takes to get ready to go out on stage at a drag show? What are the types of things the queens need to be conscious of?
It's important for a queen to have enough time to reach the "Glamor Zone" both mentally and physically. What should a drag queen look for when finding the perfect performance outfit?
A queen always look for a show-stopper but it must also be crafted in a way that no wardrobe malfunctions are possible.