Malan Breton

A new show idea!

on Jan 14, 20080


I then found myself intrigued but saddened by the drama that was part of the Sweet P, Rami team. I have never understood why people cannot come to a place of reason. I loved Sweet P's dress. I was not impressed with Rami's corset, though I love his work.

I am sorry to see Kit leave, but she is doing well and will keep doing so. Well darlings, I may miss you next week as I am in heavy preparations for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but I will try to pop in for a quick hello.

Have beautiful dreams of sugarplums dancing in your head and do not get caught in any nutcrackers. Sorry! A toast to all of you -- Chin-Chin. It's been four seasons of great design. What will fashion week hold? I am so excited to know.