Malan Breton

Check the egos and tears at the door- fashion is playful and full of joy!

on Dec 5, 2007

Darlings! I have been so busy with holiday events, and we just launched a new handbag line, and an online store. I will sum this weeks episode up by using the three B's! Bitchy, Bawdy and Bold.

The episode started with, Ricky! Being so catty! Again! About the model selection. Darling I am wondering about "true colours" right now because the display level of taste in both areas last night was just not attractive. I found myself sympathizing for Victorya but I did not enjoy that there was so much conflict. When you work in teams much like working in the structure of a fashion company you have to let your ego, and work together. The head designer will give you points of reference but there should be a relationship and not an ego driving that. That said, I will move on to happier things! No need to let the groll and miserable in today.