Michael Kors

The tougher the challenge, the better the work?

on Aug 27, 20080

This challenge was one of my favorites. Once again I think that when the designers are pushed against the wall and you say, "Creative, creative, creative, you gotta work it." I think that somehow a lot of them seemed to work better in that kind of difficult situation. Again, I think, gorgeous sportswear for them is a bigger challenge. What Leanne did, I think, she first off turned the material into something you didn't even know what it was. She found a way also I think to make it look expensive. I loved the silhouette. I think the silhouette's very modern looking and hip and I can see women in the music industry putting this on in a heartbeat. Like, Fergie would wear tomorrow. She found a way to take something ridiculous and actually make it covetable, wearable, walkable, and also surprising. And she also took something initially really hard and she balanced it and made it hard and soft. I thought it was great.