Michael Kors

A challenge filled with all types of drama!

on Aug 20, 2008

Joe's winning queen, Varla Jean Merman, excuse me, is kind of the Kirstie Alley of the drag world because it's all about the gorgeous face and the sense of humor but Varla Jean used to be much bigger and lost a lot of weight, and so I think Joe had this fabulous drag queen to dress. And watch how fabulous she looks. And he really went for it I think that all his exclamation points were perfect. It fit fabulously -- really everything about it -- whether it was the anchor detailing or the little hat. The color's perfect on Varla. The belt was perfectly cut and fit the right way. I love the cut of the pants. There's nothing less than perfect about the look and on top of it it's so Varla Jean's character. It was like a naughty nautical. It's naughty-cal!