Michael Kors

A challenge filled with all types of drama!

on Aug 20, 2008

On the other hand, Daniel's look for Antia Greencard had no sense of anything that was special. It literally just looked like you went to a really cheesy wedding. And you saw the tackiest girl at the wedding and she was in this dress. So to me there was no real drama to it. And if Anita Greencard wants to be Nina Garcia, there's definitely no sense of chic. But I don't know if I think get the whole sense of a Latin-themed drag queen -- you have so much to play with. I think Daniel just totally missed it. I just think it looked like an ugly dress from a mall.

RuPaul was a fantastic guest judge. I think the interesting thing about having RuPaul is that certainly RuPaull knows about performance and what works on the stage, but RuPaul also happens to have taste. So, oh my God! A chic drag queen who knows clothes, really knows clothes. He really knows how they're made and how they're constructed. He also understands character and how the character has to come across here. And I think that was one of the other challenges for them -- to make sure that in fact the character, which therefore provided them with the theme, came across in an extravagant and fun way which you saw with Joe and Varla Jean. You didn't see it at all with Daniel. I mean other than the fan I had no idea.