Michael Kors

Why the flashback to 1988?

on Sep 17, 2008

rate_510_jerell.jpgJerell, on the other hand, he took his girl and he gave her a jacket that felt soft and easy like a cardigan. I thought the mix of textures was great -- a little bit of shine, a little bit of femininity, nothing cliched. He also dealt with proportions in a way that I think was very flattering for her, worked well on her body, and I think overall the nice thing about it was that it was just sophisticated but not matronly. These are young women, so who on earth wants to look 45 at 22? I mean ... at 45 everyone wants to look 22. So, I looked at what he did and I thought he really did a very, very good job, and again he's turning out to be a designer of separates. He's turning out to be a designer who makes individual pieces that you would want to buy and wear on their own. So, this cardigan with the leather detailing and the little buttons they were just good pieces, and also he's starting to really understand how important it is to see things made beautifully.