Nina Garcia

This season's Fashion Week was like no other season!

on Mar 6, 2008


Last week, we got a glimpse of what the designers had in store and frankly I was concerned that Bryant Park was going to look more like a funeral procession than a runway. To my surprise, we saw three strong varying collections that were faithful and consistent to each designer's point of view. Jillian was the first to show. Her collection was an extension of the Metropolitan Museum challenge, crediting the Italian 15th century painting Master of the Argonauts as her muse. Throughout the competition Jillian has really failed to formulate a distinct point of view. I am not sure if it is because she has been working under someone else's vision (Ralph Lauren) for so many years that she is still trying to cultivate her style, but Jillian's final collection was pulled in a lot of directions making it disjointed. I have to say her knits were absolutely marvelous and overall her collection was fun, accessible, and inherently feminine.