Nina Garcia

This season's Fashion Week was like no other season!

on Mar 6, 2008


Rami, the King of Drapery, set out to prove to the judges that he could produce a collection that was not 12 variations of the same goddess dress and did so with a precise execution. There is no doubt who Rami's clientele is and throughout the competition showed her solely as a woman with a fully active black/tie social agenda. For his final collection he presented how the social butterfly gets dressed for work and not just play. His collection was cohesive, showcasing every category of dressing comprised of wearable separates. Rami did not sway from his distinct point of view with his series of jackets, blouses, and trousers, but verified his status as an expert of evening with his two closing gowns that shined. My biggest problem with Rami was not his technique and execution but in his choice of color. Not only specific to his final collection, he consistently chose colors that were drab, unflattering, and frankly outdated. Remember the prom challenge? Construction-wise the dress was flawless but he chose this sea foam green color that is complimentary on only a handful of skin tones and is most commonly found on a mother-of-the-bride gown, to quote one of Michael's favorite phrases. In terms of the final collection, Rami's color choice was the weakness of an amazingly designed collection.