Nina Garcia

Listening to the designer's runway experience.

on Feb 20, 2008


The reunion show is a great time to catch up with all of the contestants and see how each of them are doing post-Project Runway. It is a great time to gain insight on their experiences on the show. Did they enjoy the process? Would they put themselves through the sleepless nights, the close living quarters, and the anxiety of not knowing if this was going to be your challenge to win or be auf'd? What I hope for all of the contestants I have seen through the years is that they found their experience on Project Runway to be beneficial to their career, whether they showed at Bryant Park or not. Most often, the designers find that being on the show was cathartic and allowed them to get to know themselves as designers.

Elisa, of course, took the philosophical route and used her experience on PR to grow and learn. PR was great for Jillian, who after working as a designer for Ralph Lauren and consistently produced looks that were dictated by someone else's vision, was allowed the chance to find out what she liked to design and cultivate her own aesthetic.