Nina Garcia

Wishing the designers will challenge their looks and step outside the box.

on Feb 12, 2008


Hello everyone! We are close to the end of one of the most exciting seasons of Project Runway. With only five designers left, the Metropolitan Museum of Art challenge was a platform for the designers to interpret a classic work of art in an innovative way that represented a point of view, creativity, and showmanship that will ultimately win them a spot to show at New York Fashion Week. With only three wings available to the designers for inspiration -- European Paintings, Egyptian, and Roman/Greek Sculpture -- it was clear that some designers took the safe route and others would not.

This challenge I expected the designers to wow me! I appreciate consistency in design, but when you are one step away from winning a chance of a lifetime, the true character of the designer shows. So when watching the episode you can imagine I was pulling every hair in my head just hoping that Rami would be inspired by something other than the draping of the Roman sculpture of Aphrodite. I have praised Rami's technique week after week. His clothes are beautiful, feminine, and I cannot punish him for having a trademark style but, knowing that, this was his opportunity to take a risk. At this point in the competition you know the strength of each designer, but what this challenge was meant to provoke was to see if the designers could bring something new to New York Fashion Week.