Project Runway asked Season 5 finalist Kenley Collins to watch the last few episodes of her season in marathons and blog about it. And she did.

Feb 21, 2009

Episode 10: Transformation

Sticking to my guns was what I really needed to do at this point and stay strong but it may have taken me for a wrong turn.

I thought it was really going to be a makeover for the ladies at first … and when the daughters came out I knew that I wanted Anna and I got her!

Nancy was hilarious! She was so outspoken and embarrassed Anna all the time just like my mom did to me. They were so fun to work with. I really liked this challenge!

I was sitting right by Joe and heard him talking to his girl about his design ideas and knew he was in trouble from the beginning! Professional wear??!! What the??

Exhausted at this point, I had to tell myself I was going to make the prettiest dress in the world just to get a little self-motivation since that’s all I had!! And I found the prettiest silk shantung print!

I remember trying to manipulate Joe into what he was already getting him self into and rubbing it in even more that his girl had to look “super professional.” I’m so bad.

The whole experience of this challenge and having to talk about my first step out into the professional world after graduating college really made me realize the fighter that I am and how I won’t stop until I get what it is I came for. MAN, I REALLY HAD MY DUKES UP!

I still can’t believe Suede's fabric choice: I kept calling it Pucci at the club!!

Joe’s poor girl took one look at Joe’s choice of fabrics and knew right away, "I know way more about style and trends than this guy does."

We ALL knew Suede and Joe were in trouble. When I heard “pocket square” I lost it. I was rolling on the ground and Jerrell didn’t help the situation by dragging on with the jokes about the pocket square.


Leanne’s mother and daughter clients were my worst nightmare.

I never changed anything for Tim, only when I felt I needed an opinion or help but if my mind was already made up, nothing's changing.

My comment about Suede's design aesthetic came across pretty harsh and was based strictly on that challenge when I saw his fabric choice. Other opinions were mutual! Me, Leanne, and Korto did a lot of gossiping together.

I do feel terrible about calling him a poseur.

It was fun to dress up Anna because she liked the same things as me. So it was like dressing myself in a way.

I had no idea how opinionated Jerrell was about my clothes.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so cocky but when I felt confident about my designs, I had fun and didn’t care what anyone else thought.

I love Michael Kors (he’s fabulous) and would listen to EVERYTHING he said.

Seeing Joe's: This was just wrong. I could see it on Cynthia Rowley’s face.

Leanne made her girl look younger, less sophisticated

Nancy really loved the dress when Anna walked down the runway. She looked so confident and pretty.


When Michael said pocket square, I lost it. It was dead-on what I thought. I always laughed at Michael’s comments. He was hilarious. I have a serious problem controlling my laughter.

Nina’s pretty funny too with her comments like "That’s the tip of the iceberg."

Jerrell made a hat with his extra fabric he had from his girl's outfit.

Listening to the comments from Nina about my prints felt good because that is what I’m all about: color and prints. I’m glad to see she noticed.

I agreed with most of their comments looking back on it now.

I rolled my eyes when Jerrell won. I can be so rude sometimes and on TV that’s all the time.