Ramona Singer

Brooke Shields is not the only one that likes day to night outfits!

on Aug 14, 20080

I thought this week's challenge was the best so far because of how I related to it personally. At least once a week I need to go from my office to a cocktail function and do not have time to change in between. You need your outfit to look professional as you have business meetings throughout the day yet a bit sexy and elegant at the same time to take you to your evening event.

It was also interesting to see two designers team up and how they handled each other doing the same project.

I will comment on the two worst and the two best.

Avril Smith
Avril Smith

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Ramona, Let me first say that I adore you! I too, design jewelry and I absolutely adore your sense of style. I think you are great and I love the fact that you are brutally honest! I must admit that I love to watch you and Jill go rounds. No matter what happens, the two of you always make it through and remain friends. I love you, Jill, Bethenny and LuAnn. Each of you bring something different to the show. You are all so very different from the next, which is what makes the show so fun to watch. The housewives of New York are the BEST!!! I cannot wait for Season 3, and I hope Bravo keeps you on the air for the next 50 years!