Team Runway

Reviewing this week's amazing avant-garde challenge!

Jan 16, 2008


We were pretty happy to see the models come back tonight, and we were even happier to see them with some crazy hair. Heidi told the remaining designers that they had to create avant-garde looks inspired by the model's hairstyles. It made us think of the episode of Blow Out when Jonathan did soft curls for one of many runway shows and got into an argument over the hair because he thought the hair was as important as the clothing. We just realized that describes every episode, but either way we liked that this challenge showed the importance of hair. We might just be excited for the new season of Shear Genius, but anyway .... This week we're give you a bit of a play-by-play:

Tim told the designers that they would be paired up in teams. Whenever this happens, we kind of make judgments about who has the weaker links, but what's weird is that we think these teams were fairly evenly matched. We knew right away that Christian and Chris -- Team Fierce -- would make something fabulous, and we're happy we that we didn't see their look too much before the runway show because the payoff was huge.