Team Runway

Reviewing this week's amazing avant-garde challenge!

Jan 16, 2008

Real quick, let's talk about the commercials: Some of you won't have seen this, based on your affiliate network, but did anyone else catch the Levi's commercial, where the dude pulls his pants up, and then magic things happen and everyone on the street gets sucked into his apartment? Um ... in this one, some other blond guy shows up, and they like each other? Um ... wasn't that ... didn't that commercial used to have a woman in it? It's not like the smart smart ad people we work with don't know the audience, but ... that commercial had a lady in it previously, right?

The commercials for shows on our network are fun for us to watch, because it's also the first time we've seen them. Make Me A Supermodel is, yes, totally taking up everyone's time, but tomorrow, there's more shirtless people looking gorgeous for a living. And let's be honest, is there any reason to watch television that's better than that? (Except for Planet Earth which we all got for Christmas, and has been totally awesome....)

Sidenote: Is it just us, or is Beyonce an endorsement machine?