Team Runway

Reviewing this week's amazing avant-garde challenge!

Jan 16, 2008

This challenge seems really fricking hard. There's avant-garde; there's ready-to-wear; and then there's a hairdo for the "everyday woman" to be featured in Elle. Also, the designers have to work with materials that they find -- in Narnia!

Tim Gunn. OK -- let us say this about Tim Gunn: He's like this in real life. He's sweet, he's funny, and he's kind of terrified of upsetting people, and this scene where he comes in and tells them about the ready-to-wear part is kind of terrifying. His blog tell the story about how awful it was for him to come in and tell them about this part of the challenge. Seriously, Tim is the kind of guy that we feel like we can invite out to get a little sauced and he'd actually show up. In fact, Tim, the offer stands. The Web team wants to get you drunk and hear your secrets.

Oh! Lookie there! Model in a G-string. Bravo's showing butts now. We should probably disclaim -- there wasn't a memo or anything, but it seems like, yeah, this week on Supermodel, this week on Runway ... looks like we're showing butts.