Team Runway

Reviewing this week's amazing avant-garde challenge!

Jan 16, 2008

Christian and Chris totally did good stuff. Seriously. That dress was fantastic. This happens every year, so we can't wait to read the comments about it -- inevitably, someone's going to write in: "But who would wear this?" And the answer is "No one." There's not a lot more to say: Nobody would wear the avant-garde stuff. It's not meant to be worn. It's just to advance the art form of clothing design. We say this because we've been approving comments for a couple of years. And we love that part of our jobs.

We just want to be clear. Nobody.


And Kit. Oh, Kit Pistol, how we love you. Seriously, come hang out at the office. You can make a hoop skirt outta nothing. And we need some. We have a few, you know, places to go ... in hoop skirts.

Oh, and Christian, if we were a diva our name would be "Team Runway."