Team Runway

And then there were four.

Feb 12, 2008

The designers head to the workroom and print out their images on super-nifty HP printers. HP, they really print stuff. (They were a sponsor, and while we weren't asked to plug them in this blog, we do get a little wrapped up in the moment sometimes...) Also, we're hoping that they'll send us a printer. Seriously, we know you guys hate the product placement, but we want one. We also want a Hershey bar.

While they're working, Jillian mentions she wants to show an edgy side to herself and she talks back to Christian. We mean, she signs her E-mails with an "XO" -- chick wouldn't hurt a fly, so it was kind of funny to hear her, um, raise her voice. In other news, Chris takes a nap. And Tim Gunn doesn't like it. It's a rarity to see Tim Gunn get annoyed, so we kind of enjoyed this part.