Team Runway

Hello and welcome to our world- Bravo world!

Nov 28, 2007


Then there's this weird part where Jack is carrying Christian around in a tote bag. When we met Christian, he told us he was fierce. At least three or four times. And he is fierce. So it's good to see he's also into being carried around by a muscley dude as well. That's kinda hot, almost. Speaking of which -- there should probably be more male models challenges on "Project Runway." Market research will probably (just guessing) indicate that a Bravo audience is probably going to respond to a bunch of shirtless 20 year old dudes standing around trying on pants. We've been wrong about this sort of thing before, but something tells me we're spot on here.

Mood, the fabric store, really looks like that. And is also up like a thousand flights (there's an elevator) -- you know what's shocking? Fabric is kind of expensive. That sounds sort of foolish, but whenever we hear Tim say things like, "your budget is $80" and the designers all gasp -- yeah, it turns out -- $80 dollars is hard to do.