Tims Take

Tablecloths, tablecloths, tablecloths!

on Jul 17, 2008

As the show's faithful viewers will know, I don't tell the designers what to do. Rather, I probe and query to hopefully trigger them to ask themselves whether their direction is appropriate and will lead to success. Therefore, it took serious discipline for me to contain myself while they were shopping, because so many of them seemed to view Gristedes as an annex of MOOD; that is, a textile store. Why were so many of the designers selecting tablecloths and shower curtains as their materials for this challenge? We went to a grocery store, because we wanted to get away from fabric and its relatives! Didn't any of the designers see Austin's cornhusk dress?!?!?

When we returned to the workroom at Parsons, the designers had until midnight to complete their look. Austin Scarlett would join us, again, the next day as our guest judge. Kelli WINS! This is, indeed, a great way to being the new season! Kelli created a short, A-line skirt out of vacuum cleaner bags that she bleached and dyed. She paired this with a corset top made out of muslin, the waistband of which was covered with gold thumbtacks and the bust was defined with burned coffee filters. Both garments were secured by using a spiral binding from a notebook as the closure, which was brilliantly executed. From a distance, there was no indicator that this look wasn't fresh from Fashion Week, which was precisely the goal of this challenge. Congratulations, Kelli!

Jerry is OUT. In my view, Jerry was too literal-minded and over-thought the challenge, because god knows he's a talented designer. His troubles began at Gristedes, where he purchased a shower curtain, a plastic tablecloth, and some first-aid gauze. He designed a dress that was enshrouded by a hooded coat. And everything was white, white, white, including white rubber boots for the runway. The only spot of color came from a pair of yellow rubber gloves. Frankly, his model looked like she was going out to dump nuclear waste. It was not a pretty sight. Bye-bye, Jerry.