Tims Take

Tablecloths, tablecloths, tablecloths!

on Jul 17, 2008

Blayne designed a look that was nothing if not innovative. He created a Blade Runner-esque "one-sie," I believe he creatively called it, out of drawer/shelf liner and oven mitts. He accented it with an undulating panel of woven jump ropes and shoelaces. I applauded the fact that Blayne challenged himself with untraditional materials (the point of the challenge, thank you), but the judge's were dubious about the success of his look. Walk a mile in our shoes, judges!

Daniel could have easily been the winner. He created an engineering marvel by molding blue plastic cups, only, to form a strapless cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline. A few of his peers snickered at the simplicity of his look, but that was the point: the purity of his cups-only approach was how he was able to achieve sophistication. Bravo, Daniel!

Emily used a cheap, tired, and stale polyester lace tablecloth for a basic shift dress. I was correspondingly woeful. She assured me that her design for the neckline would eclipse the dress by becoming the single focal point. Really? The neckline was created out of pleated blue napkins and embellished with barely blown up balloons in red and green. Emily was correct that it became the focal point, but it did not mitigate the lace shirt. And when it walked the runway, the shift was belted with one of the Bluefly.com accessories. That belt did not help he look. I'm merely happy that she's still in.