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Tablecloths, tablecloths, tablecloths!

on Jul 17, 20080

Jennifer used rolls and rolls of paper towels, the idea of which excited me (I'm a paper towel aficionado), but the palette -- white, only, and a dreary white at that -- troubled me. She had nothing in the way of color, but she considered using "something" to serve as a dye I didn't care what is was, as long as it liven up the look. When I called time and we walked to the runway, I was startled to see that "something" was scattered lip prints. All that Jennifer had to help her was her lipstick. This was a true "make it work" moment, and she did!

Jerell used, and I thought my eyes were deceiving me, the same polyester lace tablecloth as Emily! Why? How? At least it was merely a skirt (see what I'm grateful for!), but it was still a lotta look. Thankfully, his lawn chair bodice was inventive and beautiful, and the neckline of cocktail parasols was a great touch of wit. And I laughed out loud at the parasols in the model's hair. Judges, please keep your eyes above her waistline!


lol wow you're really itnakg this to heart so you hate her clearly, she must have hurt you deeply, but she is still a somebody, the fact that you and I and everyone that has seen the show or has seen her work as a model or in other things knows her name makes her a somebody and the fact that she has had a career being her as a modeling and on tv or radio since the age of 19, I would say she has had and is still producing a much longer career that lots of models

marta cepero
marta cepero

What is the secret of the extremely successfully and fashionable Coco Chanel's sleeves, and arnholes. I realize that she pay especial attention at that part of the 'assembly' of any jacket; and that she advocated/ promoted sleves ans shoulders construccions that allowed free movement. What the tip was - maybe it is still apply ]. Can you help me despite the fact that fashions and garment fabrics have change si much since Coco's times that maybe that construccion is irrelevant. Thanks, nevertheless, Marta C.



I'm a university working on an architecture project, and I just want to get an answer to a really quick question!

How is the backdrop of the runway on Project Runway lit?

I know it sound silly but I really want to make use of the distances and type of lighting used in the set up so you can see the silhouette moving around the corner. If someone could give me some rough measurements/types of light and screen used, I will be soo grateful! I've looked everywhere to no avail.

Thank you, Bobby