Tims Take

Horror stories from the road.

on Apr 6, 20060

Be assured that we saw a lot of extremely talented designers and we moved them forward to the next stage, an autobiographical video. I lost count, but I think we moved more than 100 people forward. The videos will be studied by the producers and Bravo executives and will be culled to about 30 semifinalists. Those 30 will undergo background checks and psychological exams.

Eventually, we'll have our finalist designers for season three. I'm confident that we're going to have on helluva season! Watch what happens!


I'm still waiting for a response to a question I asked ages ago and now that the show is coming back on, maybe you can find a petite pear shaped woman with a 40 NB cup, a 45" waist and 42 inch waist and dress her to the hilt. P.S. I'm available.