Tims Take

These are the moments!

on Mar 5, 2008


Jillian presented a gorgeous and innovative collection. It represented a continuation of her Metropolitan Museum of Art inspiration, "The Master of the Argonauts." As I previously wrote regarding my visit in December to check in on her progress, I was concerned about cohesion. Nina nailed it when she declared during the finale deliberation, "I see too many ideas." However, on that fateful February day, while I continued to see a lot of ideas, I did see cohesion, big time. I voiced to Jillian my one big concern earlier that week: the black and white knitted top with the undulating cap sleeves. For me, it looked like it belonged to a different customer. It was a little Seuss-like, versus the serious sophistication, albeit with some whimsy, of the rest of the collection. And I was inordinately impressed with her resolution to the last look: nix the full-length skirt and create a wide-legged pant. Presto! It's Jillian! What sets Jillian apart as a designer is her extraordinary attention to detail. To see her collection on a runway is one matter, but to be able to inspect it close-up is another. You would SWOON at the leitmotif of details and the surgical precision of the construction. Jillian has a fabulous future ahead! Congratulations!