Tims Take

A challenge of queen size proportions!

on Aug 20, 20080

Jerell designed for LeMAY. He created an "ocean inspired" sequined dress with a very odd collar treatment. Oy, again! This look was the biggest loser in my opinion: The dress was a simple silhouette, albeit jazzed up by the piecing of the sequined fabrics; the green collar was too high and too GREEN for LeMAY's relatively short neck and fair complexion, thereby dwarfing her head and giving her a sickly pallor; and that fringe along the hemline? Egads. he fringe looked saggy, it was too long, and did it have to be asymmetrical, too? The judges were correct to be stumped by why-oh-why over-the-top Jerell would hold back in a challenge that's all about being over-the-top. Jerell, you're very lucky that you're still in!

Blair Rudd
Blair Rudd

Hi World

Someone at project runway must help one of the contestants from previous shows 'Big Chris'. The reason why he sleeps so much is that it's a sympton of heart disease brought on by his morbidly obese weight. Please help this guy! He's a very lovable person who needs a helpful intervention...