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The designers are blossoming in this week's challenge.

on Oct 1, 20080

This is the designers' final challenge, and it will determine which of them will move forward and present collections at New York Fashion Week. Heidi announces that I'm taking the designers on a field trip. Indeed, I am. In another celebration of New York City, we visit the New York Botanical Garden. There, the designers meet Collier Strong, consulting makeup artist for L'Oreal Paris, who explains that this is the L'Oreal Paris challenge. Collier instructs the designers to use the Garden as the source of their inspiration for an evening gown design (which, coincidentally, is what they declared that they wanted to do when we were in the van driving to the Bronx). They are given cameras and have one hour to explore the garden and take pictures to record their inspiration.

Back in the workroom, they have 30 minutes to choose one photograph to serve as the inspiration for their evening gown. Then, we go shopping at MOOD with a budget of $250. They have two days for this challenge.

Our guest judge is the stunning Georgina Chapman, co-founder of and designer for Marchesa.

Vibeke Krovo Nielsen
Vibeke Krovo Nielsen

Dear all. I am a Scandinavian wiever of Project Runway and would like to applaud you all for your achievements!!

But, dear Tim. You are a daily inspiration in human conduct. I truly admire your ability to ceep calm and focus on you task ahead, not budging an inch. Your performance should be on Dr. Phil as an example and a goal of how to achieve dignity in any and all situations. Thank you!!!!

B. rgds


Manuela Cristina
Manuela Cristina

Hello.. I am a Brazilian fan of Project Runway, always accompany all seasons, I watch every day! Actually not know much about fashion and sewing .. but over time, fell in love with this wonderful art and decided to attend Desing fashion at a college! Love, Manuela.

Joseph Rodrigues
Joseph Rodrigues

Hello! Im Joseph Rodrigues, born at Canada, but now living at Portugal, im an architect but work at fashion design sometimes. I send to Project RunWAY some photos about my portefolio, never answered about my proposal for the show. Well i live yours tv show, i dlike very much to go see an Olimpus Fashion Week New York. I go many times here at Lisbon Fashion Week and Madrid Cibelles Fashion Week, but i loved if i have the possibility to go to New York! I hope your answered.

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