Tims Take

The designers are blossoming in this week's challenge.

on Oct 1, 20080

Leanne designed a stunning gown in lavender charmeuse, and while she retained her signature details and structural embellishments, this was a "softer" Leanne. The pleating in the one-shoulder top cascaded into a symmetrical flourish that hugged the hips. The judges questioned the efficacy of the darker blue panel in the train of the gown, but isn't that a matter of taste? In fact, with the exception of poor construction, isn't it all a matter of taste?

Chacun a son gout!

Vibeke Krovo Nielsen
Vibeke Krovo Nielsen

Dear all. I am a Scandinavian wiever of Project Runway and would like to applaud you all for your achievements!!

But, dear Tim. You are a daily inspiration in human conduct. I truly admire your ability to ceep calm and focus on you task ahead, not budging an inch. Your performance should be on Dr. Phil as an example and a goal of how to achieve dignity in any and all situations. Thank you!!!!

B. rgds


Manuela Cristina
Manuela Cristina

Hello.. I am a Brazilian fan of Project Runway, always accompany all seasons, I watch every day! Actually not know much about fashion and sewing .. but over time, fell in love with this wonderful art and decided to attend Desing fashion at a college! Love, Manuela.

Joseph Rodrigues
Joseph Rodrigues

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