Tims Take

Feeling the music and rocking the runway!

on Sep 24, 2008

Korto WINS! She designs for Suede's punk persona and, together, she and he bring down the metaphorical house; that is, her design and execution were fabulous AND Suede really rocked this look -- he was menacing and truly punked out. I must be truthful and admit that I wasn't enthusiastic about the top - an athletic looking textile of gray mini-mesh with some organic leather forms appliqued - but the judges loved it, thankfully. I was wowed, however, by her treatment of the jeans, which she splattered with bleach to create a very unique look, and she treated the black Converse sneakers in the same manner. The look was cohesive, the hair and makeup were huge enhancements, and she - and he - ruled the runway. Congratulations, Korto!