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The MET helps produce art inspired fashion!

on Feb 12, 20080


Rami was very close to being eviscerated by the judges for being "too expected" and "too Rami," and I felt sincerely bad for him. He is the only one of the designers who didn't use a work of art from the European Painting wing as inspiration. Had he, I would have been shocked, since the Greek and Roman Sculpture courtyard had "Rami!" written all over it. He chose a 1st Century AD sculpture of Aphrodite for his inspiration, and inspiration it was, indeed. Rami's tactical error was to focus on masterful craft over drama. I truly loved his lavender matte silk crepe dechine toga dress, but I was also cognizant that it was missing a "Wow!" factor. The qualities of his design were in the details. Those details required thoughtful study and how was that going to happen in this context. "Wow!" it was not.

So, the judges were deadlocked. Rami and Chris will both create collections and compete for a spot in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park. When they arrive in New York at the beginning of Fashion Week, they will each present to the judges their three strongest looks. The judges will determine which one of them will be the third member of the Final Three. Fasten your seat belts.


I totally agree with Cinward you guys should do a gothic Lolita challenge.

Ever since I was about 10 I've wanted one of those dresses so badly, but my parents don't have the money for one and I don't have the skill to make one.

The best I can do is to draw pictures of them. Most of them turn out pretty good.


That sounds so cool, I think I saw that episode. ^_^ I get distracted though just looking at the stuff LOL.

Off topic but oh well, you guys should do a Gothic Lolita challange, or Visual Kei, those are suprisingly challanging.

Gothic Lolita is all about doll like looks and an innocence and there are many subcategories to them. Check out Mana(he invented the style).

Visual Kei is all about mixing styles and colors and patterns but still making a uniform whole, and there's no such thing as gender in Visual Kei, the contestents would have to like, choose a randome male or female model out of a bag. ^_^