Tims Take

Finding creativity among seatbelts, floor mats, headlights, and seat cushions!

on Aug 27, 2008

Heidi instructs the designers to go to the rooftop of 142 West 31st Street. That's all that she says and bids them farewell. Once there, they find out that it's a parking garage. They ascend to the rooftop via the enormous car elevator and, once there, are presented with a lineup of five brand new Saturn Vue Hybrid vehicles.

I'm there to greet the designers and to introduce them to Chris Webb, lead color designer for Saturn, who gives them their challenge. He explains that this particular Saturn model is 85% recyclable by weight, ergo the hybrid aspect. Each car has been filled with the materials for this challenge: floor mats, seat covers, headlights, seatbelts, carburetors, air vents, and sun screens, to name many. The designers have four minutes to load as much of these materials as they can into the provided laundry bags and rolling carts. Then, we're headed back to Parsons where the designers can create any look of their choice.