Tims Take

Does mother really know best?

on Sep 17, 20080

Jerell WINS! He designed for Caitlin, a printmaker and an artist's assistant. Jerell created a high-waisted skirt in chocolate with a ruffled top. I found the skirt and top to look very "cocktail," rather than professional, but perhaps Caitlin is going to a gallery opening? Thankfully, a long, but slim-fitted cardigan with oversized croc buttons dressed down the look, allowing for an easy transition from day to night. Congratulations, again, Jerell! (By the way, the chapeau that Jerell wore for the judging had been intended for Caitlin. Had she worn it, do you believe that the outcome would have been different?)


I don't understand the judges' raptures for this outfit at all. The colors are pretty much the same as the "camoflage" skirt and brown top that got Suade auf'ed. The two fabrics have nothing to do with each other. The jacket is ugly -- looks as if it's too small and gaps over the cleavage and the belly.

When Nina said it looked expensive, I had to agree -- many expensive pieces of clothing are agressively rough and ugly. That jacket certainly fell in that category.