Tims Take

The best collaboration starts with listening!

on Aug 13, 2008

Keith wins! He chose Kenley as his teammate. Their conflict began at MOOD where Kenley acted as though she was the leader and bullied Keith to such an extent that I needed to step in and mediate. Her intractability coupled with her shrillness made her an exhausting opponent. Her cause célèbre was a floral print that she selected versus a floral print of Keith's. For me there was no contest: Keith's print was sophisticated and polished whereas Kenley's was Ma Kettle. I advised that they should purchase both of them, providing that their budget allowed, and debate this into resolution in the workroom. In the end, Keith won and, indeed, his design won. A high-waisted petal pencil skirt in diaphanous chocolate fabric served as a pedestal for the floral chiffon top. A wide black belt softened the transition between the two pieces. Owing to the high-end elegance of the look, I found it more difficult to see the day-to-evening transition, but the judges swooned and Brooke loved it. Congratulations, Keith! We'll see your design on Lipstick Jungle!