Tims Take

The best collaboration starts with listening!

on Aug 13, 2008

Terri is the team leader and chose Suede. Oy! This was the clash of the titans! Terri assigned the top to Suede and gave herself the challenge(?) of the slim-fitting pant. That pant, in black, would serve as a mere pedestal to the top, which was the look's primary statement. Please don't misunderstand; I'm not trivializing the pant, because if the construction isn't perfect, then it could cause the look to go awry. But, it's still just a pant. The fashion statement was in the top, and Terri was going to ensure that Suede would execute her vision. This made it very difficult for Suede, because he was being micromanaged. The vibrant paisley gypsy top had a large cape, or berthe, neckline, a throwback to the 80's, but it looked modern and altogether appropriate. And it was true that the black pant was a fitting pedestal. The look had a sexy silhouette and great proportion and passed forward. Terri and Suede, when you reflect upon your behavior, was it really necessary?