Kenley Blogs Episodes 510-514 asked Season 5 finalist Kenley Collins to watch the last few episodes of her season in marathons and blog about it. And she did.

Episode 10: Transformation

Sticking to my guns was what I really needed to do at this point and stay strong but it may have taken me for a wrong turn.

I thought it was really going to be a makeover for the ladies at first … and when the daughters came out I knew that I wanted Anna and I got her!

Nancy was hilarious! She was so outspoken and embarrassed Anna all the time just like my mom did to me. They were so fun to work with. I really liked this challenge!

I was sitting right by Joe and heard him talking to his girl about his design ideas and knew he was in trouble from the beginning! Professional wear??!! What the??

Exhausted at this point, I had to tell myself I was going to make the prettiest dress in the world just to get a little self-motivation since that’s all I had!! And I found the prettiest silk shantung print!

I remember trying to manipulate Joe into what he was already getting him self into and rubbing it in even more that his girl had to look “super professional.” I’m so bad.

The whole experience of this challenge and having to talk about my first step out into the professional world after graduating college really made me realize the fighter that I am and how I won’t stop until I get what it is I came for. MAN, I REALLY HAD MY DUKES UP!

I still can’t believe Suede's fabric choice: I kept calling it Pucci at the club!!

Joe’s poor girl took one look at Joe’s choice of fabrics and knew right away, "I know way more about style and trends than this guy does."

We ALL knew Suede and Joe were in trouble. When I heard “pocket square” I lost it. I was rolling on the ground and Jerrell didn’t help the situation by dragging on with the jokes about the pocket square.


Leanne’s mother and daughter clients were my worst nightmare.

I never changed anything for Tim, only when I felt I needed an opinion or help but if my mind was already made up, nothing's changing.

My comment about Suede's design aesthetic came across pretty harsh and was based strictly on that challenge when I saw his fabric choice. Other opinions were mutual! Me, Leanne, and Korto did a lot of gossiping together.

I do feel terrible about calling him a poseur.

It was fun to dress up Anna because she liked the same things as me. So it was like dressing myself in a way.

I had no idea how opinionated Jerrell was about my clothes.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so cocky but when I felt confident about my designs, I had fun and didn’t care what anyone else thought.

I love Michael Kors (he’s fabulous) and would listen to EVERYTHING he said.

Seeing Joe's: This was just wrong. I could see it on Cynthia Rowley’s face.

Leanne made her girl look younger, less sophisticated

Nancy really loved the dress when Anna walked down the runway. She looked so confident and pretty.


When Michael said pocket square, I lost it. It was dead-on what I thought. I always laughed at Michael’s comments. He was hilarious. I have a serious problem controlling my laughter.

Nina’s pretty funny too with her comments like "That’s the tip of the iceberg."

Jerrell made a hat with his extra fabric he had from his girl's outfit.

Listening to the comments from Nina about my prints felt good because that is what I’m all about: color and prints. I’m glad to see she noticed.

I agreed with most of their comments looking back on it now.

I rolled my eyes when Jerrell won. I can be so rude sometimes and on TV that’s all the time.

Episode 11: Rock N' Runway

It was sort of interesting to see myself as a villain. This was the episode where it seems to have really come out.

Gossip queens! We all do it, girls.

I love what Heidi is wearing when she came out to present the models.

I didn’t feel bad about not picking Germaine because I didn’t pick her to begin with.

Leanne steals Tia! Not cool dude.

I was fine that I got picked to design for Leanne. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else, even though the girl is sketchy and clearly has problems with me.

I was not looking forward to creating a hip-hop look for her and expect her to pull it off.

Leanne’s attempt to show any kind of personality in her interviews should not be in a rap mocking me.

I was excited about Jerrell transforming me into a sexy pop star. Even though it's far from what I would ever wear, I love getting dressed up in general.

This is where Korto's true feelings about me come out. Although at the time she didn’t get to know me but had already made up her mind from day one, she didn’t like me. That was no secret. I dodge her confrontation and laugh it off.

At Mood:
I wanted to incorporate my hip-hop look into a '50s look which wouldn’t be easy. I wanted to stick with my signature print and bright colors with a '50s high-waisted jean and leather jacket that a lot of hip-hop artists are wearing today.

I had no idea that the other designers were snickering behind my back at this point. The whole feel became reminiscent of high school. You can very easily get on someone’s nerves by being confident and having fun.

I was scared when I saw Jerrell's outfit and what it was capable of showing off but I had fun with the fitting and made the best of the challenge.

Tim already told me he was from the moon on hip-hop and an old fart so he asked me to educate him. When I tried to explain the look I was going for, I was clearly misunderstood and was thought of as being disrespectful. I guess tone of voice is key! I was scratching my head wondering what just happened when he walked away.

I think I nailed the look I was trying to achieve. I worked in my aesthetic with what a female in hip-hop could wear today. Maybe a bit subtle but doable.

When I heard that LL Cool J was a judge I was so excited because I love him, but at the same time, I got hip-hop, so naturally I’m going to be judged the hardest.

When I walked down the runway, looking like a pop star, I was so scared something was showing that I didn’t want to be shown. My boobs were held up by fishnet and rhinestones alone. Its still hilarious to see myself dressed like that.

Like I said hip-hop's an attitude

I think Suede enjoyed this challenge way too much.

I am way too opinionated in this episode. It can get pretty bad.

I don’t know what punk wears sparkle jeans. Korto wasn’t very excited about the judges' comments either.

Thank you LL Cool J for telling Heidi my boobs have plenty of support. Love you!

The jeans weren’t that bad!

Listening to Michael Kors say my piece looked like something out of a mall makes sense. I understand that looking back on it now.

YAY I’m IN! I think we all knew it was Suede’s time to go on this challenge.
Episode 12: Nature Calls


I think everyone was getting on each other's nerves in this episode, and there are clear signs in the morning that were not only just me thinking Leanne didn’t sell my hip-hop outfit. I think I tried my best to ignore it but I’m not good at that.

I had a horrible experience at the garden because of the resentment I felt towards me.

I loved that picture of those leaves and I HAD to express that.

I saw that fabric and I was amazed how close it was to the picture and was so focused on that. I wasn’t thinking of how it was going to translate into a garment.

I realize watching this episode and seeing that after I left the tulle, Korto knew about it and didn’t say anything. I couldn’t believe it!

Oh here we go with the tulle. I can’t believe how they were laughing at me. It is really a shame to watch it. Their excuse for disliking me was that I was rude to Heidi and Tim. Huh??

Oooh wow, I gave Jerrell a NASTY FACE when he made up some story that he was going to use his tulle, as Korto slam dunks hers into her MOOD bag. So unnecessary.

It's high school all over again and I didn’t deserve that. Im not sure if I recall doing anything to get that treatment. The designers gossiping about the dress I can get, but it was getting personal.

I tried to ignore the laughing and the behind-the-back comments but it was right there in my face in the same room.

I hate watching this part it makes me cry every time because I remember I rubbed people the wrong way and it was not intentional. No one likes to be ganged up on and especially when they are feeling insecure about their design.

I was going for scales but not ugly scales!

My model's hair and makeup were awful and I blame myself for letting it happen!!

Looking at that dress, I knew there were some serious issues as far as my aesthetic went, but I knew no matter what, I was going to stand on that runway and act like it was the best thing ever!

The gown was NOT my best work, but it was cool looking!

Nina was hilarious when she commented on Leanne's dress’ bustle where there “ seemed to be a problem.” She said that in the nicest way possible for what was really going on down there.

When Korto was crying on the runway I couldn’t help but feel for her. When I was defending my design I felt like I was defending ALL of our designs. For me, it was more like us against the judges, not each other.

OMG we all look so tired.

I am so rude! I was so inappropriate towards Heidi. My mouth can sometimes help me and sometimes can kill me. I speak before I think.

It was hard to take it AND after being bashed by the other designers all I could do was keep defending myself.

When Jerrell came out and said those comments, it was so shocking and hurtful because he was acting as though he was my friend.

That’s gross how Leanne gets off on Jerrell telling me off.

Leanne's comments: Ugh. Be quiet.

I hate reliving this. It just so didn’t have to be this way. The experience turned sour.

When Korto said I shouldn’t go to Bryant Park because of not ONLY my designs but because of who I am as a person, I thought that was low because she doesn’t know me as a person and never wanted to.

I definitely thought that Leanne and Korto should have stayed with me in the final three in terms of talent but I said Leanne and Jerrell because it was between Korto and myself to go home. It was simply strategic.

Korto starts accusing me in the back room. Of what? Korto … wait you didnt say anything about me?? You bashed my designs and more importantly ME as a person.

It didn’t have to be like that. WAAAYY too intense for my taste.

Ouch. Michael Kors' comment about me being rude is hard to bare but coming from him it's OK with me.

I was shocked, humbled, and grateful for the judges letting me stay. I was glad the other designers didn’t get their way but annoyed that I was with a group of people who hated me. Episode 13: Finale Part I

Look at me with my head held high trying to act like they are the last people who are going to stomp me out.

I love Korto's daughter … she's the cutest little princess.

Cut to the Tim visit with me …


Ahh they really make you cry with those questions.

I wish I had looked at the McQueen Fall 08 collection BUT I wish that Tim might have said something and warmed me. He must have seen it.

I went through such a tough time trying to make that collection in 45 days but I had the support of my boyfriend and best friend who mean the world to me. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Coming back to the hotel and watching them talk badly about me before I arrived is, once again, shocking. It seemed that’s the only thing they had in common was hating me. Watching it is super awkward.

We’ll see when the garment bags open. Ha!

OK Guys. Can we please just be cool since there was no need not to be in the first place? (No real answer.) OK well my eyes are on the prize.

To Korto in work room when she said she'll flip out on someone: Wow I really put her on the spot.

Jerrell was cracking me up in the workroom.

I was mad at Tim for telling Leanne and Korto to shorten their bridesmaids' dresses like mine.

I love how Leanne hesitates to talk badly about her “friend's” wedding dress.

Its still upsetting to be accused of copying McQueen since I hadn’t even seen his Spring collection yet and Leanne wasn’t accused of taking straight from Monique Lhuillier Fall 08 wedding dress and As Four Spring 01 or even that whole collection for that matter. Ugh.

My reaction to Michael Kors that there is no other silhouette like it is so unconvincing because I was trying so hard to control my attitude.

Ha. It was shocking to hear a compliment from Heidi for once.

In the end, I was extremely happy for me, Leanne, and Korto for making it. GIRL POWER!!Episode 14: Finale Pt II

At this point the pressure was off and I was ready to sit back and enjoy picking my models.
Leanne was seriously wrong in thinking I was trying to pick models for her.

I really didn’t want to change anything at that point. I love how Tim roles his eyes at the camera when he walks away from me.  But I did take his advice on sequence of my show.

I felt stress for Korto because she was doing two new dresses while Leanne and I were just doing fittings and cutting threads.

Leanne's comment about my line:
Cool Petals. That’s called a couture, work of art, and one of a kind. Its fresh, young, and fabulous!

So exciting to walk up to the tents at 3 a.m. and relief that it was finally coming to an end!

The interviews about my parents got so emotional especially when you're tired and proud and excited about how my childhood is a huge inspiration in my line, and I still allow myself to remember who I am through all of this and not lose myself.

Ha! I’m too stubborn to let the wardrobe people help me. I did find some work for them later though. They got Topacio's zipper up! I wanted to faint when I almost couldn’t get that damn thing up!

My sister's so pretty on TV! She was 6 months pregnant there!

My collection, first look: hand-painted and still flawless. Second and on: extremely flawless and fabulous.

I knew the producers would’ve loved that comment about my attitude when Tim came out as a judge. It was not a good thing for me. Having Leanne’s No. 1 fan as a guest judge doesn’t exactly keep the winner a secret.

I love when Michael pulls down his shades to check out my full-painted couture sleeved rosette dress. I was so proud but nervous and forgot to do a cheesy bow or pose at the end. Oops!

I Love Fern Mallis, Daniel Feld, and Jillian Lewis! Thanks for your support!

Does Heidi describe Tim as anything else other than something sexual?

I hadn’t seen the latest collections they accused me of copying. I was too busy filming Project Runway but overall the comments from the judges were extremely flattering.

My stupid emotions are always getting in my way of putting my point across.

Heidi asks the judges, “Are we doing the right thing?” NO!!

I was pretty bummed I didn’t win and my sailor’s mouth summarizes it in a nutshell. I would do it the same if I could do it all over again.

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