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Challenge #2: Miss Usa

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Challenge #2: Miss Usa

Hair styles fit for a pageant queen!

Armed with a Venti Chai Latte and my new favorite TRESemmé vent brush, I faced the morning of our second challenge with eager anticipation. Since this task was to design a modern pageant dress, old Hollywood glamour and sleek updos were the rule of the day. The talent of the designers and the challenges posed are providing to be equally impressive and original. It's hard not to do your best work when provided with such inspiration.

This time, the designers were paired up which meant that I was dealing with 7 heads of hair instead of 14. This was a good thing as updos are very time consuming and, as usual, I wanted to give the designers what they requested while putting my own unique spin on each creation. I try not to worry about the time constraints as I don't want to sacrifice style or substance. To borrow our style guru Tim Gunn's catch phrase, I simply "Make it work!".

Alison wanted her model Toni's multi-layered crop to have Bardot-esque volume. Alison really knows hair and what she likes. Her instruction during the first challenge was,"Make my model's hair look like mine!". Emulating Alison's style is a good way to go. When I first saw her Blondie-inspired platinum "do" and hipster garb, I thought that she was either one of the models or a lead singer to a very cool indie band.I was able to achieve sex kitten fullness in the alloted 30 minutes. No doubt TRESemmé's Big Boost Root Lift Spray had something to do with my success.

I went from adding volume to Toni's locks to needing to quickly tame Nazri's voluminous mane of ringlets into a tight high bun. Keith wanted to complement his gown with a swept off-the-face style that included a dramatic, thick, long braid coiling down the back. As I prepared Nazri's hair with TRESemmé Instant Heat Tamer, I realized that I would need to set her hair in a ponytail with a scarf and send her off to makeup before I could complete the look!