Challenge #4: Reap What You Sew

Better things come in sets of threes.

What a task this challenge proved to be! The challenge itself would have been tough but extremely fun, in the creative sense, for each designer as an individual. However, the designers were teamed in groups of three!!! I know that I have said that this makes my job easier -- less hair to style -- but it certainly makes for a bumpy ride on the road to the runway! Luckily, once each team decided on their design, one representative was sent to voice their team's hair vision.

Robert made me laugh out loud when he directed me to transform redheaded Amanda into a sexy flight attendant lusting after her captain! "Think of Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour," he said, and I instantly knew that he wanted height and volume. It was no easy feat transforming Amanda, as she has baby-fine hair that likes to stay close to her head, but with the help of TRESemmé Big Boost Root Lift Spray and TRES Two hairspray ... success!

Next up, Michael! He's one of my favorites and so is his model Clarissa. He informed me that his group's collective design consisted of a tailored jacket and pants with a decidedly edgy young vibe to it. He wanted Clarissa to wear a sleek ponytail. I urged him to forego the ponytail (so overdone!), and to opt for a funky, editorial-inspired updo. He agreed. It seemed that I had just sent Clarissa off to her team when Michael returned declaring that the style was too polished. He wanted to showcase Clarissa's waves. Thank goodness for Tresemmé Instant Heat Tamer and a few bobby pins. Clarissa was perfectly mussed strutting down the runway!

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