A Positive Dialogue

No negative energy allowed on this blog.


I am not a blogger by nature. I despise the negative energy which proliferates throughout the cyber world, but when asked to contribute to Bravo, I decided it would be quite fun to analyze the designs from season 4 from the other side of the runway. My approach is simply analytical, I want to create a positive dialogue about design and nothing less.

I have just finished watching the first episode of season 4 and after the whirlwind of introductions and slightly gaining a grasp of the new designer's styles, I am intrigued. My stomach churned as I watched the newcomers stampede to the fabric tents and I anxiously remembered the pressure of the first challenge.

I'm so pleased to see some exciting aesthetics this season!

I see styles which may be more conceptual and avant-garde than the past seasons, like Christian's outfit. It's obvious the boy admires Vivienne Westwood, anglo-style fashion, Alexander McQueen...as do I. His work reminds me of my own when I was his age, raw & interesting, victorian-esque and sculptural.


Impressively, he made a complete look -- which shows big ambition and it was a look you will remember.

I was also touched by Victorya's dress. I love japanese aesthetic in general, but I especially love japanese fashion, and her piece reminded my of a comme de garcon or undercover dress: mysterious, dark, alluring and etherial.


Some other stand-out pieces were Jillian's red dress -- it reminded me of Hussein Chalayan's poppy dresses, and Kevin's (sneaky Jeffery's madonna dress?) showed promise of edgy tailoring.


Had Simone's dress been properly sewn it would have had more impact, minus the shrug, as the color choices were smart & modern. I love acid yellow in detailing, it looks far more chic than a model tripping over a malange of fabric scraps. Maybe she'll put it in her line one day.

See you next week!

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