A Sticky Situation

Count the bad puns!


What a sweet deal this week's challenge was! (I'm determined to make as many bad puns in this blog as possible - so be prepared) Granted, it could've turned into quite the sticky situation (YES!) but luckily most avoided the hazards of working with food, and merely fell into the hazards of boringness.

Oh, and I love how they were able to make the Hershey's store in Times Square look large and grandiose, because in realty, don't be shocked when you realize that the stores is actually smaller than the signage that hangs above it... nothing like some fast cuts and quick editing to make things seem large and in-charge. Also, I don't think it was necessarily bad that most of the designers opted to use real fabric, as opposed to edible goods. As long as there was a bit of whimsy and joy brought to the design, I think it captured the essence of the challenge. That being said however, there's nothing like taking a risk to wake the judges up; I believe Marc Jacobs summed it up best when talking about his controversial, much-delayed, latest collection "I love that reaction of love or hate". Anyways, let's get started.


I'm on the border of very much liking this design. I think if a bubble skirt this exaggerated was going to happen this season, this was the challenge to do it. It's young, it's flirty and there is great product placement - it's a win/win situation! The fit on the torso is phenomenal and the shoes are perfection, but I think it would've been more of a standout design if there had been a bit of color dispersed somewhere. When you think of candy, you think of color... not metallic silver, and though this is nice, I think a splash here or there would've put this one in the top tier. rate_runway_02_406.jpg

Looking at just the clothing for now, and not the styling, I think that they are decent pieces, but there's nothing too inventive about them. When everyone is using materials that are odd and unconventional, it means that the design needs to be elevated, and even though it seems like its fit well, it's kind of just hohum to me. I do enjoy the proportions and think that she did a great job of keeping the look going too sweet (yes, another pun!), and characteristically punk-rock Kit. rate_runway_09_406.jpg

I appreciate her motivation to create something fit for a modern-day Gretel, but I do agree here that it just really doesn't work. Everything seems like it would've benefited a lot more if she had taken it further: the hem - if it's going to be exaggerated, than either exaggerate it or chop it off, the bustline - if its supposed to look like a confectionary delight, than make it lush and whimsical by adding more to it, etc. I am pleased though that Elisa was able to show the viewers of Project Runway her story, and her motivation for wanting to get on the show in the first place. She was always so pleasant to her fellow competitors and stayed focused on the job at hand... good luck Elisa! rate_runway_04_406.jpg

Though I wish that he too would've used a bit more color and whimsy, I give Kevin credit for showing us, and the judges a range. This look has fantastic proportions, and balance and the overall effect is definitely young sophistication. If perhaps the he had made the bustier out of Kit's Kit-Kat wrappers it would've given it a bit more punch? rate_runway_01_406.jpg

I really do love many elements of this dress, the texture, the length, the adorable hat... it's all fab. However, same complaint as Ricky's and Kevin's, and that is I think it would've benefited greatly from a shot of color, and would've kept it a bit more interesting, and true to the whimsical origins of the challenge. Altogether though, I thought it was a nice delight. rate_runway_08_406.jpg

This look I also loved. I have more than a handful of friends that would rock this look as is. I loved that he broke up the logos so it doesn't look like blatant product placement, which also makes things more intriguing and doesn't immediately say "Oh, that's made out of Hersey's bars" like some of the other looks. The proportions are great, and the overall look is quite sexy - which is a great feat considering - and he's also one of the only ones to really pull off that "sexy" vibe well. Her tan lines however, are killing me... rate_runway_07_406.jpg

Sweet P
I feel that every time Sweet P is up for a judging, you see fear in her eyes. I hate that because it means she doubts herself, and that is never a good thing. This look however, she should've been nervous as it really is quite boring. I feel that Sweet P does the "cute, girly dress" very well; I feel she likes color, and is also a pretty bubbly person herself... all reasons why this challenge should've been great for her! Oh well, in the end this outfit says "lack of confidence" more than bad judgment to me... though lord knows that being in the bottom can give you a bit of a shaking. I hope she can snap out of it in time. rate_runway_10_406.jpg

Here it is - the dress that finally makes me say "Damn I'm jealous!" I love, love, love it! It's sexy, it's modern, it's whimsical and it's impeccably tailored. The combination of colors and textures is phenomenal and this totally blows away any preconceived notions I had about him being prone to drab colors. She looks like perky, little robot that would be stationed at the front of a candy store in the year 2046, handing out free Chiclets and pinching little kids cheeks. I LOVE IT! rate_runway_05_406.jpg

I greatly admire Jillian for taking risks with this challenge. I think a lot of the designers are content with being "safe" and not really pushing themselves, so congratulations to her for taking a risk and being recognized for it. The outfit has all of her past touches: nice proportions, contrasting texture and an overall sexuality to it... and I loved the "and she smells good" comment! rate_runway_06_406.jpg

I don't know why the judges seemed to hate this design so much. Yes, the walking choice was bad, but I definitely don't think it was the worst thing out there. Overall I think it's quite cute, and is a hell of a lot more whimsical than some of the other looks. Granted, the bust looks like it could've used a bit more work and some nice details to bring out the texture, but overall, I think it works well.

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