Better Late Than Never

But would it have been the same without Victoria Beckham?


Hey guys! Total apologies for the tardiness of this blog. I know I know, Christian won last week and its old news by now, but c'mon, I'm a busy man and its worth celebrating!

NYLO Hotels had their big grand opening last week, which is why I was down in Texas to attend their huge kick-off party, complete with live bands and a wicked little fashion show by yours truly! Everything was going to plan until crazy drunk, bi-polar Mother Nature decided that it would be funny to throw a snow/sleet/wind/apocalyptic-type storm on North Dallas! This is crazy -- it's Texas and I'm looking at inches of wet snow on the ground. Damn, I guess I brought all my short-shorts and cowboy boots for nothin'.

Well, we obviously had to make some last minute changes since hell was now coming down from the skies, but soon after a large tent, a few heating lamps and a reconfigured runway went up -- we were money!

Long story short, the show and party were a complete success. The models were phenomenal and the clothing looked great. I had 10 girls and 5 guys and their first looks were all NYLO head to toe: cleaner, more work appropriate, and then second looks were styled with pieces from their own wardrobe -- very downtown, very hip, very sexy! Phew -- one hotel down, 50 more in the next few years. Oh, and bags are being produced very soon so I'll be sure to post when they're available for sale -- amazing! dv_01.jpg

Now, onto the juicy stuff -- THE FINALE. Well, my thoughts were as follows: During the show I really liked Jillian's work. At the actual runway show I thought Rami deserved the win, and now that everything has had time to simmer, I really do think that Christian deserved the win (I'd be a horrible judge -- I change my mind too much!). It's undeniable that the final three are all talented designers, and though there were flaws and highlights in everyone's collection, I do think that having a fashion show, especially when its part of a television show, is about slapping people upside the face with how good you are ... and Christian certainly left a stinging sensation on the cheeks of many.

I do wish that he had shown a bit more diversity and range with his colors and or/textures, but thought that what he did do, was great. I loved the silhouettes, however repetitive they were, and think that they were sublimely chic. I do still have a major problem with the fact that I feel his final look seems to be a replica of a McQueen dress from his fall 06 collection, but obviously the judges didn't care. dv_03.jpg

That being said, I think Christian couldn't have asked for a better guest judge than Victoria Beckham. I think those two complement each other divinely. I wonder what the outcome would have been if one of the past finale judges had been this year's, and vice-versa; the love of sportswear may have won out if the roles had been reversed. Alas, high-end frivolity was at its peak and Christian was there to scoop it up.

I honestly, and sincerely, wish all the contestants the best of luck in finding success post-PR. The lives that they've been leading suddenly change back and they soon realize that they're left to do with their lives and careers, what they want. I really hope Christian focuses on the important elements of getting his beautiful clothing actually produced and sold, and parlays his win into something substantial that we all can enjoy. Best of luck to everyone and get ready for your post-PR withdrawal ... it's going to kick in soon!

The Real Winner

No doubt about this years Project Runway 5 winner!

Just a heads up that my book Fashion Inside Out is almost upon us! Though I've heard places are starting to ship it out, the official release date is on 10/28, so mark your calendars! I'm heading out on a book tour to celebrate with you all, so be sure to check my website for details on times, dates and locations: After a year and a half in the works it would be delightful to see all of your supporting faces!

But NOW, it's down to business! PR5 has finally come to an end. I hope after a week of digesting we've all be able to form clear-headed opinions about who we really thought was the winner.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I hands down think it should have been Leanne, but what did you think? Tightly edited, unique and comparable to no one, I think she did an excellent job of taking her inspiration and running it cohesively through each and every piece she sent down the runway. Unlike some of the other designers, Leanne's work is both subtle and intricate, and I applaud her to no end for being able to successfully straddle that fine line, especially at exactly the right time. Korto and Kenley both showed very nice collections, but I do think that Leanne was the one who had the whole package. Korto's sense of color and proportion are excellent, and the way she styled the looks was just intoxicating - the high buns, dewy skin, and fluttering fans - she certainly infused a lot of "earthy sexiness" into it. That being said, you take away all of the extras and we're left with clothing that didn't quite stand up to Leanne's more intricate work.

To me, watching Kenley's show was like watching your friend go into her glamorous closet, and parade out to see if the look is a "keeper" or a "throwaway." Although it was filled with definite highlights and interesting (sometimes costume-like) elements, I just didn't feel that it was a cohesive collection. One of the highlights for me was the green silk dress with the ballooned shoulders - I just thought it was a chic, well made, and truly stunning look.

All in all, these designers will find work and hopefully create stunning collections in the future. Congratulations to them all for coming this far and a HUGE congratulations to Leanne for the win! I'll see you in NYC sweetheart!