Bottom Line: It's The Work

Sticking to the fashion, not the drama.

Another team challenge... gahh, my stomach goes into knots when I hear that! Though this is the time to get all of the big, group ones out of the way, it still hurts to know that a designer's position could be easily dictated by another designer's skills, or lack there of. Sigh... but drama of course, prevails. Nevertheless, I've resigned myself to speaking solely about the fashion as that is what I'm best at, that is what you want to hear, and that is what this show should be about... so let's get started! Project Jillian
Overall I felt all three looks definitely looked like they were from the same collection/time period, which is an incredible feat, considering what they had to work with. All were young and flirtatious, and very smart move on their part by using the exact same fabric in all three looks - editing with so many choices was definitely the crucial part of this challenge.


It was true what Tim said about these looks, Jillian certainly was designing for herself (which is a o.k... Donna Karen does it). I feel the proportions of the overalls are fantastic, lengthening the legs while still being flattering to the waist and torso. Also, by choosing light-weight denim it keeps the look from being completely overpowered by the one fabric, as it hugs and skims the body instead of becoming stiff and rigid like traditional overalls. Lastly, great job to Jillian for thinking of opening up the neckline; it really brings in a more feminine feel to the torso section. rate_runway_02_404.jpg

I really appreciate the overall shape of Rami's design, I think it's cute, perky, and harks back to its retro roots, while keep the flirtatious continuity that Jillian's look is giving off. The binding with the liberty print was a great way to tie in Kevin's top and clearly was the blend of all three designs: the v-neck top and fitted bodice of Jillian's, but with the liberty print and controlled fullness of both Kevin and Jillian's pleating. Great job! rate_runway_03_404.jpg

This look is very now. In fact, it was selling in Marc by Marc Jacobs just a few months ago. It's young, it's cute, but it's also a bit coquettish as well, which keeps it just far enough away from the Tween category.

Team Sailormoon Starshine Unicorn
At first glance in the workroom, I was very excited about the designs in Christian's group. I loved the mix-n-match of fabrics, a very bold choice, but everything also seemed to be very well tailored and finished. Who exactly was their target woman is where I felt it got a bit lost.


I LOVE the black/white art nouveau-esqe print of the dress; it looks expensive and a little definitely goes a long way. I had two concerns though: as a stand alone piece it definitely had a point-of-view, but paired with the cuteness of Jack's baby doll dress, I didn't feel that the power bitch, career woman who would be wearing a completely fitted, below-the-knee, sexy pencil dress would also opt for the loose carefree feel of a baby doll. Secondly, I was a bit disappointed in the vest as I feel that she could've really made it as exciting as the dress by either piecing in parts of Jack's dress, or maybe to chevron a section with the existing stripe... something that ups it to more than just a vest.

Overall a decent dress, but nothing exciting, especially in gray. If Jack had opted to do this in the black/white art nouveau-esqe print of Kit's I think it would've looked a lot more exciting as a stand-alone, and less like a so-so supporting outfit. I have the same concerns about this look fitting in as I mentioned in Kit's... they should've gone cute if they wanted cute, or sexy if they wanted sexy... having consistency, but also a range, in three looks is a difficult task. rate_runway_06_404jpg.jpg

Same issues with Kit. Though I'm annoyed with the producers for not showing more of this look on the runway. The halter top looked adorable in the workroom, and unfortunately all we get to see is the drab, black jacket. With a black, pinstriped pencil skirt, the outfit doesn't need to feel more grownup, and I think by showing a bit more skin (i.e. no jacket) it would've helped keep the youthfulness that this collection is missing throughout. Oh, and maybe if they had brought up all the hems it would've helped make the collection seem more current.

Team Taupe
I felt that there were good ideas being thrown around, but no one to step up and really bring it all together. I'm not sure why they chose to bring in the contrast fabrics that they did because they don't really seem to work - separately - or together.


Sweet P
One of the best shapes, as it completely represents her starting point, but is modern and clean and honestly, a nice departure from the sweetness she's been sending down the runway previously. Also, lucky for her I feel this is right up Donna Karen's alley (the color, the ease) so I'm sure that didn't hurt Sweet P's chances on the runway. The proportions are nice and though I wish they would've chosen a different color than khaki all-around, I think it looks nice with the black trim.


I thought it was funny that Nina didn't see the dancewear inspiration in this, because that's ALL I see... seriously, Lindsay Lohan is seen wearing practically this exact outfit in paparazzi shots leaving her dance studio every other day. (BTW aren't we OVER leggings as pants yet!). It's definitely not the worst look, but I feel it doesn't really say's missing the wow factor. Again, I think by choosing a more bold color palette would've woken all of these looks up a bit.


I could not stop chuckling when I was hearing the critique from the judges, because Chris is so far behind, he's ahead. I believe Nina says something like "there's nothing current about it"... or something. Well, whether you love her or you hate her, here is the always fashion-forward risk-taker Victoria Beckham in the latest collection by the incomparable Maison Martin Margiela.


Now, regardless of whether or not you like it, you can't argue that it's not current... because lord knows if Vicky is wearing it, it's the newest, hottest thing. Best of luck to you Chris wherever post-PR fame takes you. You always seemed a sweetheart and I hope we get a chance to meet and exchange horrific stories one day over hot coco.
Team Ricktorya
Who knows who did what, who didn't, and who really is the bitch but in the end, Michael was right... their disheveled behavior showed in their designs. Such a shame because I thought this one had some fantastic elements to work with, and when I saw the color blocking in jewel tones, I thought YES, a design worth-remembering! Alas, execution once again got the better of them, and not even the greatest design in the world can get the pass with puckered seams and a lack of cohesion.


From the nipples up I love it. Victorya said it herself that a rethinking of the silhouettes should've been in order, unfortunately this look doesn't work at all. I'm not sure why she opted to bring in the flouncy skirt fabric, maybe as a way to balance the stiffness elsewhere, but unfortunately it just feels all too disparate. The contrast piping seemed like a nice idea to tie all the looks in, but now seems more of an afterthought when not completed throughout. Oh well, I think she's better than this and at least she's on to the next challenge.


I don't understand why this fabric was lauded as being difficult to work with. It doesn't stretch (but neither does your body form), isn't slinky like chiffon or charmeuse (easy to cut), and could ultimately, press beautifully! Also, tell me if I'm wrong, but Eliza says that "this was the first time I've worked in non-stretch fabric"... then what were her pants/vests made out of for her menswear outfit? Regardless, the dress is kinda cute, but definitely lacks finesse and a light hand. All the seams seem to have been manhandled and with all the wrinkles it looks like the dreaded morning after walk of shame. Regardless, the pops of color are cute and the overall design works well.


I LOVE this design; I think the color blocking placement is great, the use of sheer for support, and the proportions all work cohesively together! It's obvious for all of us that the execution was the determining factor but I had such high hopes Ricky!!! C'mon, you're letting this great design go down the tubes because of bickering... this is Project Runway, and there is only one winner. If someone is giving you sh*& than just let it be and argue it out at the apt when you're NOT being timed. Bottom line, the work is the most important thing.

Ahh, I can't WAIT till there are less designers (I know that sounds mean) but c'mon, my hands are cramping up... see you next week my loves.

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Leanne Speaks!

May we present season 5 winner of Project Runway- Leanne Marshall! How did you feel when you won?
I was just in shock for a good couple of minutes after Heidi called my name. I was exhausted and exhilarated. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Were you shocked by the result?
I was shocked. It was a big shock. I had hoped and I had my fingers crossed but it had been a long week and I was really sleep deprived so I didn't know. What are you going to do with the money?
Going straight to the horse races... No, I'm actually going to re-locate to New York to further develop my clothing line. I'm actually going to hire some people to help me and hopefully show at fashion week again. What did you think of the criticism the judges had for you?
I definitely would have had a lot more variety. I just always had in my mind, throughout doing the collection, to keep it really cohesive. Creating it I had so many different ideas and I started to go off on tangents so I was thinking that I can't do too many things with such a small collection, I had to keep it cohesive. What did you think of the other collections?
I think Korto showed a really strong collection. I loved her colors and she makes great clothes for women. I think Kenley had some surprising pieces that looked really great on the runway. I definitely liked certain elements of Jerell's collection, the drama and the sparkle. It's very Jerell. Joe surprised me too. It was really well made. And Suede also did a really good job. Are you prepared for your life to totally change as of tomorrow?
I'm not. After finding out and coming back I've been living my life normally as if nothing ever happened. Yes, it's going to be crazy and I'm really excited about it all. How did you keep the secret?
I threatened to break anyone's arms who spilled. No... My family, my boyfriend, everyone was as strict as making sure that they don't say anything as I was. It's a great surprise and we want everyone to be surprised in the end. And I don't want to ruin it for anyone. You're only the second female to win Project Runway. How do you feel about that as a female designer?
It's awesome. It's really exciting. I think there are a lot of strong female designers out there. It just so happens that a lot of the Project Runway winners are male. It's definitely about time. Have you kept in touch which any of the other contestants?
I have been in touch with Korto and Jerrell. Also, Blayne every now and then. I definitely would love to keep in touch with them for a long time. Where can we buy your clothing?
Go to my website,, and I also link to my Etsy page where I sell things online. Two shops in Portland, Oregon, Seaplane and Foundation Garments. And I just got a ton of requests so hopefully everywhere soon! Any final words for your fans?
I'm just so touched and thank you for supporting me, coming up and saying hi and all that. I love it and I'm so appreciative of all of it. It kept me going and propelled when I was creating my collection. It's hard putting your self out there but one of the rewards is having [great fans.]

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