Carmen Miranda Lives!

A new show idea!


Darlings! I rushed home after the hair and makeup test for my fashion show and popped on the wonderful world of Runway. Lions, and tigers, and Carmen Miranda! Oh my! Tonight looked like a drama-filled episode. Ever wonder what it would be like for Bravo to bring back designers from past seasons and have them do the current challenges? It would be amazing if I could work with the wonderful Austin Scarlett, Kevin Johnn, Nick Verreos, or Laura Bennett, or Christian or Jillian. But maybe some time in the future. Bravo, I have an idea for a show: Project (I Was Already On) Runway. Sorry, darlings, I am exhausted and a bit frothy at the mouth!

This challenge was exciting, innovative, and, darlings, the Sugarplum Fairy from the Nutcracker was on the catwalk. I know Kit and Ricki were not intending to make their model look like she came out of a low budget version of a Tchaikovsky ballet, but innovation is different to different people. raterunway_03_408_220x415.jpg

I adored Christian's look. I was instantly transported to a musical number starring Carmen Miranda called "The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat." The second look was reserved and beautifully-made, but there was still an element of "Mama Eu Quero." A definite Museum piece. Completely couture! raterunway_07_408_220x415.jpg

Then Jillian: That coat was gorgeous and fit so beautifully -- the jodhpurs, the dress, the shirt .... It was Dior's new look with modern innovation all over it. That coat should be in the museum at FIT. raterunway_01_408_220x415.jpg

I then found myself intrigued but saddened by the drama that was part of the Sweet P, Rami team. I have never understood why people cannot come to a place of reason. I loved Sweet P's dress. I was not impressed with Rami's corset, though I love his work.

I am sorry to see Kit leave, but she is doing well and will keep doing so. Well darlings, I may miss you next week as I am in heavy preparations for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but I will try to pop in for a quick hello.

Have beautiful dreams of sugarplums dancing in your head and do not get caught in any nutcrackers. Sorry! A toast to all of you -- Chin-Chin. It's been four seasons of great design. What will fashion week hold? I am so excited to know.

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