Carmen: Runway Gold

Carmen Webber keeps her integrity and poise to the very end.


What was your prior experience with menswear?
I have never studied menswear formally. I have only done a small collection in collaboration with 7Nations Inc. where we deconstructed men's high end vintage blazers and then reconstructed them. 7Nations then hand painted details all over them. We sold them at The Atrium here in New York for about a year.

Has this challenge made you more interested in designing menswear?
I have always been interested in Menswear. However I have not had the time or opportunity to go to school for it.


What was the energy in the room when the models entered?
Yes, they where hot. And we loved having them there.


Who do you admire the most, among menswear designers?
I actually Love Aswald's tailoring out of London and Vincent Falls work out of New York. As far as major brands go -- I love the Z Zegna line it is incredieble as far as quality and vision.

That room seemed so panicked up to the end. What was it like to be there?
Yes there was panic and drama at the last minute. The pressure was hard.

How did you feel about Jack's design?
I love Jack. However, I feel that it was not actually designing. It was solely about his wise choice of fabric. Which -- as we know -- can make or break a design.

Having to scale back on the original design is always hard, what do you feel was the biggest factor in having to re-work?
Having to re-work under regular circumtances is hard. I was not prepared with a back-up plan. Having Ginny Barber show up so late was hard as well. She gave us her opinion after most of us had already gone over concepts and fabric purchasing.


What was the last moment like for you?
The last moment for me was just that -- the last moment. I was in panic mode. Yet determined to have the model walk regardless.

You are so composed backstage after the runway judging. Can you talk about the experience?
I was so composed because at this point in the challenges --I know that there is a system in the judges mind, and and that at this point nothing would change their minds. I also consider myself like the Spartan worriors in the 300 movie. I would go out with integrity and fight with amazing poise to the very end. I may have lost this battle, yet I have not laost the war. I am a true winner for not crumbling under the press emotionally. And having my model walk.
Not one designer on this project was completely finished. As a matter of fact, Jack's buttons were glued onto his shirt. I am truly gold in all of my "Project Runway" experiences.

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