Carmen: Serra Leon In The Mines

Carmen Webber's advice- every man for himself!

When you heard it would be a fashion icon as a guest judge, who did you hope it would be? Which icon would you most like to dress?
Somehow I had a hunch that it would be Sarah J. Parker. I would have loved to work with someone like Byron Lars or Tracy Reese from the fashion industry.

What are your feelings on the team challenge, in general? And then, what about working with Christian?
I thought the team challenge was a great idea. I loved working w/ Christian.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Thoughts?
I love Sarah J Parker. She is truly a kind soul with lots of integrity.

There you are, one of the final people standing on the runway. How did that feel?
We though at first that we would be one of the top scores. We where pissed to find out the opposite!!!

What was your impression of Marion?
I love Marion. I think that he is a fabulous designer with a very kind soul and good vision.

You were put on a team with Christian. What do you feel the collaboration gave birth to? It was great working w/ him. It gave birth to a great look that just needed a few adjustments.

There is a terrible moment on the runway,where you are asked to make a choice about who should leave, you or Christian.
It felt like f&*ng Serra Leon in the damn blood diamond mines. Where you either save yourself or get your hand cut off!!!

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