Chris: Anything Out Of Anything

The benefits of learning from last week's costume error!

What did you think when Tim brought you into the Hershey store in Times Square?
I was very excited--I knew we were in for a VERY interesting challenge.

Were you worried about this challenge at all, or your past work in odd "fabrics" helped? I was thrilled--I think we were all wondering when the "unusual materials" challenge was going to happen. I was not worried at all--I can make anything out of anything (and often do!). And chocolate was especially fun.

Did you consider making your garment edible?
No--with the time and tool constraints I thought that would be risky.

Were you able to offer any advice to Jillian? Did she ask?
I don't remember if she asked, but I think I ended up lending her some glue that would help because she was having a tough time for awhile.

How did you come up with your concept?
Like a lot of my ideas, it just appeared to me all at once when we entered the Hershey store and got to see everything we could choose from.

Did you have to edit yourself out of the "costume trap?"
I learned a lot in the last challenge (!) and did not want to waste the opportunity I got by coming back on the show. I listened and learned from the judges, and did my best to create fashion from the unusual materials.

What did you think of the other designers' work?
I thought Rami's was absolutely incredible--I wish people could have seen it close up, it was so beautiful.

What were your thoughts on having Zac Posen as guest judge?
He was different than I thought--I assumed he would be more interested in fashion than fantasy.

Being one of the best designs, at that point in the competition how is your confidence level?
All I can say is, its a lot more fun to be on the runway and get praise! I was a lot more confident after my last couple of disasters.

Finally, of course, what's your favorite Hershey's candy?
Good n' Plenty!

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