Chris: It Was All Worth It

Chris March never second guesses himself!


In terms of trendsetters -- which fads do you believe should have become trends?
None of those hideous fads, for sure! But I always love a good poodle skirt...

In terms of shoulder pads -- what would you have done differently, knowing what the judges would say now?
I would probably not change a thing--I rarely second guess myself with creative stuff, and you NEVER know what the judges will like. chris_01_404_320x240.jpg

In terms of creating a collection, how much does cohesion matter to you?
I think cohesion matters alot in a commercial setting--but on the show you want to show as many of your ideas as possible, so its tough to reign yourself in.

Do you think of trends when you create your own lines?
Of course, but I think fashion is steering away from "big" trends and becoming more individual-oriented. Technology has made it so that we all participate less and less in the group experience.

What trend would you like to be known for?
Bringing back some SERIOUS glamour--understated has become the new black. chris_02_404_320x240.jpg

You say that you don't want to be known for the ten-foot hair costuming. What would you like to be known for?
Making it acceptable to be "different" again. We've become so homogenized and safe as a society--are we ever going to have fun again?

There is a one minute stretch of time where you all have to choose your own teams. What was that like?
Just like the playground in elementary school! Eeeek! chris_03_404_320x240.jpg

What did you think when you saw Donna Karan as a guest judge?
I was very excited--I really respect her and she actually said some very complimentary things to me that I will always remember.

That last moment on the Runway, what was that like, standing there with Ricky?
You can actually hear that scary, heart-pounding music playing in you're head! Its terrifying! teamchris_2_404_320x240.jpg

Were you surprised by the judges decision?
Yes, at first. Then as it settled in, I understood their viewpoint--and I also needed to remember that I'm kind of a baby in the woods in the fashion world, so maybe I had more to learn.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the audience?
I'm very grateful for the chance for the audience to get to meet me. If anyone enjoyed my designs or was entertained by my sense of humor, then it was all worth it!

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